Barter Wallet

Convenient wallet for a decentralized economy

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The uniqueness of wallet

  • For iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Instant deposits and withdrawals of cryptocurrencies
  • Support for multiple blockchains and token standards
  • Deposit and withdrawal of funds through VISA / Mastercard, SWIFT / SEPA
  • Hybrid exchange (CEX+DEX)
  • Transfer of any currencies by nickname
  • Browser to connect to Dapp
  • Internal marketplace for access to commerce
  • Verification of identity of several levels
  • Only you can know the wallet secret phrase
  • Fast technical support 24/7
  • Security of funds under a financial license

To learn more about Barter Wallet, you can download the document and watch a demo video.

The wallet is slated to launch in 2022. Enter your e-mail to test the functions today.