Barter Smartplace

For manufacturers, dealers and sellers.

For retail and wholesale buyers.

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How it works?

Deals are made on smart-contracts in public blockchains.

Buyers, sellers, and goods are verified.

Transactions take place without intermediaries.

Easy registration by e-mail and fast verification
Mark your goods and assets on the platform
Place barter or sale ads
Accept customer requests and bargain
Easy registration by e-mail and fast verification
Search goods you want on ads board by filters
Write to seller in chat or send a request for a deal
Order delivery of goods worldwide with insurance


For sellers
  • Place your ad for just 0.02% of the goods price
  • Reach a global audience with your goods and services
  • Accept payment for sales directly to your internal or personal blockchain wallet
  • Build barter relationships with other manufacturers of goods and service providers
  • Make money on sales and barter
Start selling
For buyers
  • Choose goods from all over the world with delivery
  • Buy assets without money by barter
  • Chat with the seller in chat before deal to bargain
  • Pay with cryptocurrencies without the participation of banks
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Make direct exchange without funds
Barter options:

Surplus goods?

Minimize inflationary risks with barter deals. Exchange your surplus goods for scarce ones.

Find new partners and build multilateral barter relationships for mutual benefit. Without money.

Lot of several goods and assets

You can sell goods and assets of different categories in one lot.

Over-the-counter trading

Sell and buy any amount of currencies and assets at a single market value.

Barter Smartplace supports multi-currency basket trading.

OTC trading options:

Great opportunities

No restrictions on bartering currencies or a basket of currencies per good or lot of multiple goods.

Trading has never been so free before Smartplace.

High security

Your funds are reliably protected by smart-contract algorithms. The deal will be executed, or the funds will remain with you.

Each user is confirmed, which is a guarantee of safety in all situations.

Token listing

Give your token holders access to OTC trading opportunities.

Instant sale of any volume at a single price. Exchange commission 0.02%.

Add token


Trade and exchange tokenized goods, assets and services around the world.

We use blockchain - this is the most reliable and secure database.

Gas-free transactions

Our own “gas station” for gas-free transactions of our users. If you are not familiar with blockchain or web3-wallets, just pay with your bank card for goods marking and placing ads services.

Barter Protocol

The blockchain barter protocol supports the ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155 token standards and their counterparts across various blockchains. Barter in any combination. NFT is used as a way to mark assets and goods.

Simple use

We have hidden all the complexities of blockchain technologies “under the hood”. Enjoy the simple user experience.

Achieve your trading goals without thinking about paying “gas” for transactions. Smart contracts will do the rest.

BRTR Economy

The higher the demand for goods marking services and the more ads are placed, the higher the demand for the BRTR token.

BRTR is a native token of the Barter Smartplace trading system with economic value.

BRTR tokens are used as payment for service fees:

Marking of goods
BRTR works on Velas, BSC and Ethereum blockchains
Placement of ads
in BRTR from the lot price
Total emission:
100 000 000
In circulation:
17 500 000
Team: 10%
IEO: 10%
Pre-sale: 2%
Partners: 5%
Reserve: 35%
Staking: 32,5%
ICO: 5%
Bounty: 0,5%

Mass Media

Core Team
Dmitry Zhukov President
– Blockchain Application Architect
– Over 6 years of experience in blockchain industry
– More than 4 years of experience in analytics and digital asset management
– Member of the Russian Association of the Cryptoindustry, AI and Blockchain
– Founder of AppsChain developer company
Anna Guzeva Art Director
– UX / UI engineer and designer
– Experience with major brands
– More than 100 completed projects
– Team management for over 3 years
– General experience in design over 10 years
– Rich case in the blockchain industry
Dmitry Matnenko PR Director
– In the field of performance marketing for over 10 years
– Worked with large companies and well-known brands on a global scale
– Certified specialist in targeted and contextual advertising, traffic optimization and web analytics
– Wide case in PR for crypto projects and fintech companies
Arseniy Kulikov Back-end engineer
– More than 4 years experience in backdevelopment
– Experience in developing smart contracts
– More than 30 completed projects in field of digital tools
– Extensive experience in developing Telegram bots for various tasks and functions
– Experience with cryptocurrency funds and promising startups
Konstantin Zvyagintsev Front-end engineer
– Experience in front-Development for over 6 years
– Extensive experience in writing complex animations on sites
– Experience with web3 wallets
– More than 100 completed projects
– Engineering team management
– Connecting smart contracts to websites
Vladislav Raginsky Consultant
- Financial analyst of enterprises and businesses
- Expert at International Financial Reporting Standards
- Extensive experience in valuation activities
- Since 1996 experience in the stock market
- "Troika Dialog" consultant for EM markets
- Graduated from the RANEPA under the President of the Russian
- Certified by the Federal Financial Markets Service 1.0, 2.0