Barter Smartplace

First barter marketplace on blockchain.

Largest NFT Marketplace in the CIS.

Author's protocol of barter trade.

Marketplace video

Unique value

1 Barter
2 Legal transactions
3 OTC trade
4 Private deals

Barter Smartplace has a key feature - digital legal contracts using an electronic signature. Today, with the development of technology and the legal framework, it is possible to conclude international trade agreements and sign legal documents remotely and practically free of charge.

We use these opportunities to provide our clients with a high-quality contracting service for transactions of any complexity at the lowest price.

We form a decentralized register of marked goods and assets: real estate, vehicles, precious stones and metals, art objects, jewelry and others.

The barter marketplace allows you to exchange a car for an apartment, buy a house with gold or jewelry, exchange a land plot for a share in a company or stock, pay with your services for other services or goods, and perform many other options for barter relations.

Barter Smartplace was presented in Moscow at conference of the largest blockchain consortium Hyperledger and included in knowledge base. wiki.Hyperledger;

The project is presented in Europe (Italy, Belgium and Poland) at the exhibition “Russian Digital Week” with support of Rossotrudnichestvo;