BARTER smartplace

Confidential ecosystem of barter trading on blockchain with digital legal smart-contract
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The main goal is to create a digital environment to fulfill electronic contracts, where a smart contract will have the same legal force if such a contract was concluded on paper in the presence of a notary with his seal.

Market problems: Market problems:

it takes several days/weeks to legally execute a transaction on a remote basis;
paper documents are subject to destruction and/or falsification;
it takes a lot of time to find a reasonable document in the “paper” register;
there is no confidentiality due to the large number of intermediaries;
the difficulty of exchanging digital assets for real.

Solution: Solution:

Immediate conclusion of an agreement using a digital signature anywhere in the world;
The electronic document is reliably protected from malicious changes;
Searching for the desired document in a digital database performs just in a few seconds;
Confidentiality for the parties of the contract, the transaction is concluded without intermediaries;
We optimize the real world through the virtual

Potential market: Potential market:

The World Legal contracts market reaches
$1 trillion
Each of us made a contract once a life;
legal entities work with contracts daily.

dark pool dark pool

Contractor Confidentiality Technology
dark pool based on zk-SNARKs protocol
Observance of trade secrets;
Prevention of market manipulation;
For the personal safety of asset owners.
dark pool - is a pool of confidential trading offers


Today, with the development of technology and the legal framework, it has become possible to conclude trade agreements and sign legal documents remotely via digital communications. We use these opportunities to provide our customers with quality service for concluding contracts of any complexity.
Plasma Protocol by Ethereum - foundation of Barter platform design. Provides lightning transaction speed
0x Extensions will provide support for a new type of trading - barter trades. Facilitates interaction between tokens standard ERC20, ERC721 and ERC1155
Enigma Protocol ensures confidentiality of personal data of parties to transaction and other important computation


project idea, market analytics, OTC trading prototype concept
a core team has been formed, primary product documentation has been prepared, marketing strategy development, preparation for the seed phase of investment
Attracting investments, expanding a team, supplementing product documentation in several languages, social media marketing
creation of the Barter Wallet Prototype - the first product, receiving feedback from the community, public presentation of the main Barter Smartplace product in Europe
Attracting investment for product development, the beginning of the development of Barter Smartplace, participation in exhibitions, and conferences
The launch of the beta version of Barter Smartplace and first income with Barter Wallet, new partnerships, building partnerships with banking institutions and state registries
Technical, financial, and legal audit by market leaders, scaling of current products, and development of a new product concept, the launch of Smartplace, and popularization of barter trade.
The opening of international representative offices of the company, interaction, and integration with international registries and banking institutions, scaling of the services and products provided, listing on the exchange market


Total emission: 100 000 000
Team: 10%
IEO: 10%
Reserve: 35%
Staking: 32,5%
Pre-sale: 2%
Partnership: 5%
ICO: 5%
Bounty: 0,5%
Type: ERC20
Tiker: BRTR
Lockup period:
Seed - absent
IСO - 180 days
Token price:
Comleted Seed: $0,01
NOW ICO: $0,06
IEO: $0,3 (+3000%)

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